Into The Spider-Verse: Every Alternate Spider-Man, Ranked By Bravery

There are some Spider-Men who are more brave than others. For example, Spider-Man Noir is a hard-boiled detective.
Sony has begun to build excitement for its highly anticipated superhero animation Spider-Man. This sequel has much to live up too. Its predecessor Into the Spider-Verse is one the most iconic comic book movies. Its animation captures the feeling of flipping through a superhero comic. But, its story of self-doubt and sacrifice, as well as multiversal madness, is the best cinematic treatment of what it means to be Spider-Man.The first Spider-Verse movie introduced many alternate Spider-Man versions from across the animated multiverse. Some Spider-people are more brave than others, such as the tough, black-and white, hard-boiled Detective Spider-Man Noir. Others, like Spider-Ham, the happy-go lucky talking pig, are less brave.


Spider-Ham is without doubt one of the most funny characters in Into The Spider-Verse. But he’s also not the bravest. Peter Porker, a talking pig from the cartoon universe is one of most vulnerable Spider-Man. Spider-Ham isn’t required to be careful because his universe follows cartoon laws.

Although he is very helpful in the final fight, he could not contribute much if he didn’t have the other Spiderspeople to do the heavy lifting.


Peni Parker and a radioactive spider are collectively known as “SP//dr”. They co-pilot a biomechanical suit, and fight crime together as an anime Spider-Man. She shares as many similarities with Iron Man and Spider-Man as her superhero antics.

Peni is a brave fighter who does not hesitate to jump into action when danger is afoot. But her suit can claim most of the credit for her courage. A high-tech robotic suit can help you fight crime. It takes less courage than fighting crime in red-and blue spandex.

4/6Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir joins Miles and other Spider-people . This Spider-Man Noir is a black-and-white version of Spidey. He is a tough-boiled detective, much like James Cagney or Humphrey Bogart. Nicolas Cage’s voice perfectly captures the noir antihero energy.

Spider-Man Noir may be confused about how a Rubik’s Cube works but he is undoubtedly the most evil and powerful Spidey incarnation featured in Into The Spider-Verse. He says to the audience that he sometimes lets matches burn to his fingertips to feel something.

3/6Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy is one the most memorable roles by Hailee Steinfeld. Gwen embarks on an emotional journey with Miles in Into The Spider-Verse. Gwen lost her best friend and universe’s Peter Parker. She closed herself off to the idea of making new friends in order to not feel that pain again. Gwen is taken on an interdimensional adventure that takes her to another dimension. She meets people who understand what she’s going though (as they are alternate versions of herself), and she opens up to the possibility for new friendships.

Gwen’s bravest act in the movie isn’t related to her superheroics. It’s when Miles accepts her friendship and she returns to her original universe.

2/6Miles Morales

The movie’s first two acts are dedicated to telling Miles Morales that he isn’t ready to be Spider-Man. Peter B. Parker tells Miles to avoid the final battle because he lacks the necessary stuff to become a webslinging hero. Miles sets out to prove them wrong at the end of the third act. Miles’ “leap” of faith is a beautiful metaphor for this turning point. Peter said to Miles that he doesn’t know when he will be ready to assume the role of Spider-Man. It’ll take a leap. Miles takes a leap of faith and climbs up to the top of New York’s tallest skyscrapers.

He bravely saves the Kingpin by entering the final battle at his dimension collider. Although Miles may not be very courageous at the beginning, he is full of courage when he defeats the Kingpin and repairs the multiverse. He also sends his Spider-people back into their reality.

1/6Peter Parker

The Kingpin kills 26-year-old Peter Parker, who is New York’s protector in Miles’ universe. An alternate Peter is then dragged through the portal into Miles’ reality. The 38-year-old Peter contrasts with the happy, competent Spidey who had promised to mentor Miles. He’s even more reluctant to accept that responsibility. Spider-Man, a middle-aged Spider-Man, is fed up with his immense power and frustrated with his enormous responsibility

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