Abhishek Banerjee: This web series, Abhishek Banerjee, came in handy to get a big chance in the film

“TVF pitchers” tells the story of four young entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to launch their startup. / Now, the second season is underway. / This season is about helping the company grow and saving its existence in Galakat. / After seven years, the second season is being produced by Alexander Kher. Riddhi, Gopal, and Ashish students will also be in the lead roles.
On Monday, the trailer for the second season of TVF pitchers was launched in Mumbai. Abhishek, who was acting as the casting director, said that he was able to play the role of Bhati in the TVF pitchers season 1.  Abhishek banerjee played Bhati.  People used to call me Bhati whenever I went to places.  This series is very special to me.  Although I have done many films, my fans keep asking me about the return of pitchers.
Naveen Kasturia said, “Pichars will always remain special to me I cannot convey in words the love & respect that I have received due to that show. The first season was about quitting your job and starting your own company. Season 2 is about dreaming big.
Riddhi Dongra wasn’t in season one of pitchers. Riddhi dogra said, “I was busy shooting serial during season 1 of the Pichars But I knew about this series.” If this series is anything, it speaks volumes about aspirations, dreams, and hope. This isn’t just for those working in start-ups. 
Abhay Mahajan stated, “Pichars” is a prime example for a simple, related tale of four people who quit their jobs to start their own businesses. But the way it is told makes it engaging, inspiring, and entertaining. “Pitchers Season 2” is a reminder for entrepreneurs about why they started first, and how they must keep going.
There were only four pitchers in the first season. Now there are 25. They are seeking investors to help them develop their start-ups. But big dreams come along with big responsibilities. / Will pitchers be able to survive in this galacat world start-ups. It would be fascinating to find out /

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